Friday, 31 August 2007

PutRi's 1st BiRtHDaY..

She's O-N-E!!! Yeay!! My beautiful daughter is now 1 year old!! I had plan the party for so long, even before she could hold the bottle on her own!! No la, that's a lie... But yes, I had plan soon enough to make a great party. From the balloons, deciding on the venue, guest list, everything... So anyways, the party was held at McDonalds in SS15, Subang. Since Putri dont have friends yet, the day was attended by family and friends of me and hubby. But even before that, it was so kelam-kabut..preparing baby's outfit (dress, thights, shoes, bottles, diapers, etc), then i had to go run get helium baloons in PJ...then rushed back to Kelana Jaya to get her cake!!! At that moment, I saw my sister Sabrina's face....(SERIOUS!! she's a good sport..always helping around without complaints..well, she never said any to my face though! hehehe...). Anyways, when i reached McD, my friend Sha was there to help around..tieing up baloons je la pun.. My friend Syed the cameraman was there too. Birthday Girl arrived and kiddies starts to fill up the Party Room. Party started with kids joining in for games...then cake cutting. Oh, Putri was scared to see her own face on the cake!! was really funny. And all the time she was screaming to be with my mom!! She's 'in luv' with nenek (and atuk). So she was giving away party packs while standing on this special chair, that i realized how adorable she was, and still is...very chubby, very healthy. though she's bigger than most 1 year olds, I was proud u can tell! She was indeed having fun with those who came that day. If she's happy, i'm happy you see. It was all worth it!! By the way, we all came home with cars full of gifts (yes, CAR with an S).. Come to think of it, the party was not all about gifts (ehemmm...ehemmm), it was about celebrating the love of my child, my princess. Being the only child myself, this party had certainly prooved how family ties matters. For Azalea E. Putri, Happy 1st Birthday!! Mommy loves you... ~XOXOX~

Friday, 12 January 2007

My Precious Princess...

Alhamdulillah. My gift... Months after the wonderful wedding i had on 11.11.05.. Born at University Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur on August 23, 2006 @ 0400 hrs... Weighting at 3.178kg... After 9 hours af agonizing pain due to contractions, she came screaming her lungs out..(btw, NO EPIDURAL took place on that particular scene!!)... Soaked in blood, her wiggling little body, i almost cried but didnt. And so the nurse took her away to be cleaned up, while mommy's being sewn nicely (and that didn't hurt at all as to what 'THOSE' people was telling me)...When they handed her back to me in her lil' trolley bed, i didnt know how to react. honestly, i didnt know how i should feel... In movies, every mom cries when they see their babies for the first time. But i didnt, and damn right it got me worried. But right that minute, that i got to look at her fair & slightly blushed face, i felt tears!!! it's not those tears u 'made' through acting when you wanna get away from your parents when u got caught clubbing!! It's REAL TEARS...and trust me, the emotions, you'll feel it yourself when you become a mommy... I and the father decided (after deleting hundreds of other options) that our precious princess is best described by the name Azalea Eiman Putri Binti Abdul Aziz... May you be a great person in life & after-life my dear daughter... Insya-Allah. ~XOXOX~