Saturday, 28 February 2009


We'Re HeRe FoR tHe FoOdS!! YeaY!!

HoMeMaDe YuMMy FoOdS
By BaBaH & MaMa..

tHe BiRthDaY & aNNiVeRsaRy JoY...

We sMiLe wHeN OuR TuMmY sMiLeS!!

Okay, this post is long overdue!! Sorry guys... Anyways, I'll keep this short! It was Adah; Along's fiance's birthday. And a belated wedding anniversary celebration for my Godparents. We had a decent home-cooked dinner and cakes (eerrr, cakes were from the Bakery of course!! Hehehehe...). YUMMY CAKES!! =) To Adah, Happy Birthday and many happy returns!! Enjoy your last birthday as a single woman!! To Mama & Abah, may Allah bless you with many more wishful thinking memories to come... ~XOXOX~

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My Azalea Putri..

:: Picture courtesy of //ferdyphotography™ ::

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

One Last Chance...

Guess I'll give it a try
I've got one last chance to get myself together
I can't lose no more time it's now or never and
I try to remember who I used to be
I've got one more chance to get myself together...

Luv you... ~XOXOX~

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Cheeky Kiki...

KiKi WitH HeR eLdeSt GiRL..
CiTtA KaiSaRa...

tHe YoUnGeR CiTtA KaRaMiNa
WiTh HeR SiSteR...

So i 'met' this hot mama somewhere... I discovered something about her that made me email her straight away and told her.."YOU ARE ONE STRONG WOMAN, KI!!".. I guess I should not reveal on why I said that...It's too personal. Whatever it is, Kiki, I'm praying for you and your girls. May the three of you be showered with unlimited happiness in the future...and I pray I'd find my way and be as strong as you... ~XOXOX~

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dina Turns 24...

Happy 24th Birthday to my dearest DINA!! We had this family dinner in Chillis @ BSC a day earlier, and we sort of surprised her with a birthday cake by, me (ehemm..ehemm..)!! Hehehee...dinner was fun, but cam-whoring was even better!!! Thanks for the wonderful dinner, ma!! And D, many happy returns!! ~XOXOX~

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

D's Shoot @ Purplehouz...

Went to Purplehouz for Dina's single cover shoot..and as soon as Dina left her room for recording, the room was all ours!!! Oh, Ferdy was there too... So being a cam-whore, Ferdy took a generous amount of pics of me!! Heheheheee...I wasn't looking all glossed up, but hell, it turned out okay =) Thanks Boo!! Oh, thanks to Purplehouz too...Heheheheee... ~XOXOX~

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Happy Birthday, Old Man!!

Happy Birthday, Dad!! Yeah, my old man is already 56..that's half a century!! Hahahahaa....sooo old la dad!! By the way, hope you liked the gift =) Wishing my hero a wonderful year, and many more happening years to come!! Luv you!! ~XOXOX~