Saturday, 23 August 2008

How Time Flies..She's T-W-O!!

2!! She's two. A&W Drive-In PJ was the venue this year. As usual, attended by dear family and friends. Honestly, I personally think it was a dull party. Putri's dad wasn't around since the start (as he was at a football tourney!), Putri was scared of the clown I hired. As a result, I had to carry her almost thru out the party. And as a result of that, she kept pulling down my dress that eventually showed off a show to the whole world! Embarrrrassing!! So tell me how can I not be frustrated?! But somehow, I'm still hoping that Putri had fun at her party. So did the rest of the guests.. To all that came that day, thank you so much for dropping by. And thanks for the presents, they were awesome. My sister SABRINA, thanks for being a great assistant and co-organizer for the party. My FERDY, thank you for the lovely snaps (though we know the lighting there SUCKS BIG TIME!!) Hahaha... ~XOXOX~

Friday, 22 August 2008

An Evening @ The Pool....

We went to Holiday Villa Subang to spend quality time together doing what Putri love most; swimming! She was actually having a slight fever but after a dose of paracetamol, I decided it was okay to have a splash. We had so much fun. My water baby somehow was scared of the water at first, but after a while, she was enjoying it. My sister Sabrina was our rookie 'photographer' for the day(THANK U DEAREST!).. I just thought I had to capture this moment. It was, a bonding moment of me and my little princess. And I definitely would want her to see those pictures when she's old enough to understand. Understand how much I love her.... ~XOXOX~