Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Dress, The Shoes & The Rings...

It's four days till the BIG day!! Thanks to all my daydreaming, the prep isn't at all a stressful matter. My head truly acts as a hard disk for all the important details...THE dais, THE hantaran (wedding gifts), THE dress, THE shoes, THE bridal bouquet, and of course THE ring!! The most important thing to a bride is definitely her dress. In my case, I was being so fickle minded on choosing a designer for my outfit to be worn on the solemnisation night. Well, I and the fiancé have decided that there will only be one reception for our wedding. Which is, the solemnisation ceremony. We plan on having a very small, decent, yet memorable ceremony. Nothing will be OTT except for my dress! Hahaaa...joking! So here's the list...

THE Shoes & THE Dress (His & Hers)

THE Make-Up 

The Hair

THE Rings 

THE Bridal Bouquet

THE Dais

Sorry there ain't much pics this time, folks. Pretty tied up to compile on pics!! But I promise you, I shall upload great ones soon!!! ~XOXOX~

Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Hospital Shall NOT Be Our 2nd Home...

My daughter has been in and out of hospitals ever since the tender age of two. Her first admission was only due to high fever. But doctor was more concerned on the pneumonia and tonsillitis that came with it, as well as her asthma. That was four years ago at Sime Darby Medical Centre (formerly known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre). 
Recently, she was admitted for dengue fever also known as breakbone fever! It was indeed a shocker knowing she couldn't have got it from home as my mom especially (as well as the rest of the family), is very particular on the cleanliness of her surroundings. It couldn't be the baby-sitter's too since my daughter stop going there few months back. So most probably, it was at my grandpa's that Putri got bitten by the killer mosquito. Yes, I'm sure it was. She was there for a few days with her cousins during the school holidays. The fact that there are no vaccine or drugs available for preventing the infection, scares us the most. So doctors will firstly see the current level of the patient's blood platelet. From there, doctors will determine the next step of treatment. In my daughter's case, she was given fluids intravenously and the fluids carefully monitored to ensure that she does not get excess fluids. Next, they'll just monitor the platelet count on daily basis.
During my daughter's stay at the hospital, I was also told by some relatives and friends to feed her crab soup!! Believe it or not, it's a MUST-READ and worth trying!! Oh btw, Alhamdulillah that Azalea Putri recovered from her dengue fever and left for home after 5 days!! ~XOXOX~

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Life Begins At 40?...

Happy 40th Birthday to my fiancé!! If it's true what people brag...that life starts at 40, I seriously hope that it's for real. That he'll get his new 'beginning'. A new beginning to be shared with me. A new marriage (soon), new adventures, and hopefully a new happily-ever-after fairytale.

The birthday dinner was at The Hill, Damansara Heights. We didn't really had a plan on where to dine, so yes, it was a last minute pick. And thank God it they had a table for us being  on a Saturday night. 

From blogs around (which you can Google), I've been hearing bout the to-die-for ribs and their various unique cocktails! We had a go on their Caesar Salad, THE Brontosaurus Beef Ribs, and Watermelon Slush (alcoholic)! Oh, if you're dining alone, don't even think about coming here. Coz the foods were made to share! And do call and make bookings just so you wont be disappointed on not getting a table! 

And yes, the above is my gift for the birthday boy this year...a shiny purple (being his favourite colour) Zippo lighter! Now please don't preach to me if you think it's an unhealthy gift. At the back of it, was...



Here's wishing my husband-to-be to more great birthdays ahead, a unlimited health & wealth with all the love and blessings from Allah SWT. I love you, sweetheart... ~XOXOX~

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Husband-to-be @Rozailan 

Ex-Bowling mate & National Bowler @ZandraAziela


THE Film Man @Feris_Othman

It was a blast!!! Great job by the committee (Pronounced as October-Tweet-Fest) is a meet up for people connected through the social media channel; Twitter. It was the first Twtup (pronounced as tweet-up) in Malaysia, but it set a new world record for The Most Twtup with 2,615 people!! The best part of 'em all is that this Twtup will now be held annually!! So go get your very own unique Tweethandle on Twitter now and not miss the 2012 Twtup. We too, might finally meet on Twitterville or at any of the Twtup events. ~XOXOX~

Friday, 28 October 2011

Trip To The Zoo...

It's that time of the year again. One of my daughter's compulsory yearly event, is a trip to Malaysia's National Zoo. She's a fan of animals. Well, sorta since I honestly think that there are not many hot spot (with the 'presence' of animals) for kids in Kuala Lumpur.

Though we're here every year, it still amazes me on how my daughter acts and responds to the animals & its surroundings at different ages. How she sees things differently which clearly shows the development of a child's brain and maturity. It's just that now that she's older, I've to bare the irritating complaints from her; sun's too hot, she sweats too much, her legs are wobbly cause she had to walk for so long, bla bla bla. *sigh* The best question this year was "Mommy, why don't they have a walkalator here just like in airports?"...LOL!! ~XOXOX~

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Whose Wedding Is This?!...

Picture courtesy of Pink Cake Box

How big would a bride (or a groom) really want their wedding to be? What would they want at the wedding? In this matter, WHAT WOULD I WANT for MY wedding?

I hear sinister remarks on planning and/or sometimes during the prep of weddings especially if it ain't the first for either bride or groom. Sadly, those hurtful words are always from your own relatives! All I can say is, to hell with them! I mean, they say weddings shouldn't be a huge of a celebration. They say why waste money when you already once had a fairy tale wedding. They too say why trouble yourself doing hundreds if not thousands of crazy tiny detailing (from the walkway and aisle, to the place cards and the favours for your guests)! While I say, every new beginning is a celebration. I say, that previous so-called fairy tale wedding I had years ago wasn't with the man I'm in love with now. I say, it's my bloody penny. Plus I say, those head-cracking detailed prep will definitely be our smile of joy as bride and groom on OUR wedding day.

So I made a conclusion that your wedding is YOUR wedding! Follow YOUR heart (if not your budget). Follow/do what YOU want (let it be splurge on the dress or the ring, or even better, splurge on BOTH). Make us and our significant other-half, THE happiest and most satisfied soon-to-be bride or groom around! ~XOXOX~

Friday, 30 September 2011

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend...

Well well well... As expensive as it may sound, I'll have to agree with the song sung by Marilyn Monroe! A diamond IS a girl's best friend! Oh, at least it's mine. No joke! How can one not be?! So what's your favourite piece of diamond jewellery you wish you had? As for me, it's this pair of chandelier earrings I saw at my favourite jeweller! Oh-Em-Geeeee...I kept on trying everytime I'm there for an appointment!! Breathtaking!! The price tag too, will take your breath away. Like really, TAKE your breath away! *lol*... ~XOXOX~

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Engagement Is A Promise Of Two...

I recently got engaged to my man. Yes, I am single...a single mother, to be exact. Same goes to my fiance, a single father...both with 'baggage'. Much earlier, I and hubs had plan that no engagement shall take place in our relationship. That was all due to the hustle and bustle of the prep, as well as the negative 'challenges' that only increases at that period of being engaged. And being a Malay (a culture with many 'beliefs' from the ancestors), guarantees that that is NOT a myth!! Been there, done that!! Anyhow, negativity aside, I'm glad that we both took a step further in this very special 'unexpected' relationship. Certainly, we're so looking forward to January 2012...

P/s: Do you like my custom-made engagement ring and diamond encrusted 'R' pendant?! *smiles* Both were from Fa'iq Jewels!

Here are some of my favourite love quotes for you lovebirds out there...  ~XOXOX~

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. 
~ Nora Ephron, When Harry Met Sally

The highest happiness on earth is marriage.  
~ William Lyon Phelps

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
~ Marcell Proust 

Newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reasons that families work.
~ author unknown 

A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.
~ Andre Maurois 

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Eid Mubarak 1432H...

This was the best Eid celebrated after two miserable years. At least this was a start to a happy chapter. Firstly, it was the family's turn to be celebrating at his hometown in Johore. Fortunately, grandma decided to come up to Kuala Lumpur and celebrate it here!! To be honest, I don't have a prob spending days in the the serene village. Surrounded by greens and fresh air. But I just don't like being there doing nothing. Yes, I don't like lazing around for days! Secondly, it'll be my first time celebrating Eid with my soon-to-be fiancé! Yes, I was crazy excited!! Even my daughter was excited having a father figure around. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah for all the happiness Allah SWT has granted to me. I'll forever be in debt to Him. To my Muslim brothers and sisters out there, have a great memorable Hari Raya Aidilfitri. For those that I've sinned, I hereby sincerely ask for your forgiveness. May Allah showers his blessings on you & your loved ones. ~XOXOX~

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Much Awaited BlackBerry 9900...

Well, finally got my BlackBerry 9900 a.k.a Bold 4 (given by hubs as a birthday present). Before BlackBerry came into my life, I've always been oh-so-loyal to my iPhone 3G (which obviously does not exist anymore at any Apple outlet!). Remembering my first Berry, twas the BlackBerry 9780 a.k.a Bold 2, (also a gift, but from a dear friend). Everyone was so puzzled on why I wanted a Berry so much, though I knew I had only one reason. Which, was the BBM Application!! My God, the fact that I can send anything and everything (somewhat works like a bluetooth and a chatroom at the same time) everywhere I go and without any extra chargers, beats it all! Okay okaaayy, I lied (bout the reason, I mean)! *lol* The honest truth is...I saw Warrick Brown (real name Gary Dourdan) used a Berry in a few episodes of CSI Las Vegas. I am head-over-heels for him!! He's like THE hottest African-American actor I've ever known (well, aside from Taye Diggs & Shemar Moore that is)!! Oh hubs, if you're reading this...you're STILL & WILL ALWAYS be my numero uno (*lol* with a serious face)!! So yeah...thank you so much to my sweetheart for the awesome birthday gift. Now I'll be carrying you everywhere I go, baby...literally!! *smiles*

Oh, apart from the phone, I also got a set of princess-cut diamond stud earrings from my darling pet-sister; Suzyra. And it's definitely one of my favourite studs now!! ~XOXOX~

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Alhamdulillah for having to live another year.. And this year, 'usual' shall be the word I'd use to translate my birthday. As anyone would've felt all excited, over-joyed etc... I on the other hand, felt it was just like every other day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Happy, yes...but not excited.

But those 'usual' feelings changed when hubster asked me out for our usual lunch near the office. Waited and waited, and just as I looked over my shoulder...there he was. With a pretty big bouquet in one hand, and a cake in the other!! Okay okay, I'll admit that my jaw literally dropped...and I couldn't stop laughing. Couldn't stop laughing for the way he tricked me!! Knowing how strict his office is, it's ridiculous that he could find time to be out for even 5 minutes! *lol* He was only like a few minutes late than the usual, yet there he was standing in front of me with my surprises.

The yummyness Red Velvet cake from Whisk, and that pretty bouquet from Bloom The Floral Shop, you can get it all at Empire Shopping Gallery. Thank you so much to my sweetheart Rozailan for making it very, very special, and ended the day with a mouthful dinner at Chili's!! A very simple, but sweet 1st time birthday celebration with my hubs that I'll always remember. And as I've always said it; A year older, but non the wiser!! ~XOXOX~