Sunday, 30 November 2008

A Morning Stroll @ Lake Gardens, KL...

Who's at the other end
of the see-saw?..

...It's Mommy!!

Yummy plain water!!

Too tired to even sit already!!

Mommy's nice shot =)

Lets head home, baby..
Hey, is that Mommy's shades?

Jogging she says... Fine. So I bought her a new pair of Nike's Little Starwood Jane trainers for our morning stroll. It's her first trip to the Lake Gardens of Kuala Lumpur. What a great sunny morning was yesterday. Had our breakfast there at the playground. I and her dad took turns eating though, just to watch her on the slides and hanging-bridge. We were all bathe in sweats, and when the sun was right on our heads, that's it!! Back to home sweet home... ~XOXOX~

Putri's 1st Theater...

Excited Miss Zebra..

Mommy's Little Angel..

The Costume Was Unbelievably
Exciting For a Year 2 Student..

Cricket, Ant & Chicky..

On the way home..

Went to watch Bila Zoo Ditutup yesterday. A theater show by the Year 2 students of Aswara. I didn't expect much of it, but was hoping my little princess would have fun. She was scared of all the 'animals' outside the hall, too scared to even lay eyes on them and so I had to carry her with my killer heels all the way in!! =) She was excited when the music is played with all the characters singing..Hop on her toes from the seat, and started dancing. She was having her time!! It was also an educating show for her, recognizing which is the monkey, tiger, lion, etc. Anyhow, thanks to my sister Sabrina for taging along, and thanks to Ferdy for inviting and for the tickets of course.. More shows to attend, hopefully!! ~XOXOX~


Usual Sunday brunch with Fifi..

With Aunty Lell @ Gado-Gado Kartika,
Jakarta..June 2007

Azmina, Farzana & My Princess
@ Aunt Lell's in Pondok Indah, Jakarta.
June 2007...

Having breakfast with Fifi..(Brunch actually!)..and I was begging her to go on a beachy holiday with me. Bali perhaps? Or a spa holiday in Jakarta? Hhmmm, NOT! She's going to Padang to find a cook for her restaurant! Sigh.. Talking bout Indonesia, I'm so missing Aunty Lell and her family; Uworkaholic Uncle Jeff, Cousin Zafri (whom is in his high school-find-a-gf term), Farzana Far (whom is still confused if she should be a girly girl or a tomboy), Azmina (the no-skirts-please sweet girl), and of course, lil' Irfan (the boy you can rasuah with a mini toy figurine if you don't want him to tag along your shopping trips)!! There...I miss them all. Planning to visit them soon in January or February, before hubby goes for his corneae transplant... But that's just a plan. But still Fi, I'm still hoping for a trip with you.. (I sound so..eerrr...lesbian!! Hahahaha).. ~XOXOX~

Saturday, 22 November 2008

2nd Trip To Maximum Impact!!

The Ladies...Fifi & Efa..

Dynas' PA...Itcha..

The Pioneer...

Cutey Adeep!! Fabulous Cats..

Boojae..Floor Fever!

Babe...My Babe..

Dearest Dyns...

Darling Dina...

Abone...After 7 Years...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Maximum Impact...

My HOTTIE Prince Charming..

Cat!! Meeooow...

Darling Dina..

Extended Family...Where's Ferdy Beeboo?!!

Went for the show at Istana Budaya with Dina's family...Sat on the $180 seat, but totally paid a FAIR amount (thanks to Diva Dina!!)... Was so excited to see my man; Zulhuzaimi..the Lead Actor and the Creative Director for this musical!! All I can say is.."I'm so gonna watch this again, and again, and again..." =D Beeboo, please don't be mad... ~XOXOX~

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Morning After Her Partay...

Fifi's?? Goner!!

Breakfast With The STARS!!! Hahaha...

I looked soooo P-A-L-E!

Hair From Last Night...Still in good shape!! =D

Went to have breakfast with the girls. @ Old Town White Coffee in PJ...morning after Fifi's party. All still a nutcase and all tak mandi!! Hahahhahaha....Stars will always be stars... ~XOXOX~

Fifi's 26th @ Zeta Bar, Hilton..

Dinner @ Chynna, Hilton KL..

Hot Bimbos...

Cakey From Anas..

My Birthday Gift For Fifi...

Happy 26th Birthday, Sweetheart..

My Kisses To Fifi...

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Lunch @ Ole-Ole Bali...

My 'serai' drink...


What he ate..

What i ate..

Sunday, 9 November 2008

New Crib...

Went to see the crib daddy had bought for me (literally speaking..hehehe).. it's already 75% complete. Somehow I don't really feel like I wanna move to this new place. Don't wanna make new friends, don't wanna meet new neighbours. I'm happy where I am now...though it's not a huge house to live in, I'm very happy.. Dad wants to move in when it's all complete and ready (that's in early 2009), but I insist that we stay where we are now till he end his service with Royal Malaysian Police. While then, we could still decorate the place and make it into a weekend house. Let me have some fun and memorable time for won't be long. Just another 2 years, dad.... ~XOXOX~

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Footsie Futsal...

iNJuReD JiHaN!
PeRfuMeD FoOtSiE.. HaHaHa!!
HOT sWeAtY BaBeS!!!

Footsie!! More of a shouting and gelak-gelak session rather than kicking d ball!! Hahahaha...I had fun though!! Btw, pity Jihan yang tergolek and injured herself!! Moral of the story, dress appropriately!! Hahaha... ~XOXOX~