Thursday, 10 January 2013

Evil Stepmother...

Don't where where should I start. Let me just make it clear that I love kids to the moon and back. No matter where they're from or who their parent/parents are. My current husband was a divorcĂ©e too when we met. He has 3 kids from the previous marriage...two girls and a boy. I gotta be honest that I was excited to meet them for the first time though I realised that his eldest were a bit 'moody' when I'm around...on the 1st outing, and the following outings after. I guess she's still trying to adjust to the scene of having another woman holding her dad's hand instead of her mom like how it used to be.

It breaks my heart to see kids from a broken marriage be sad. I feel them everytime I see my own daughter missing her dad whom is so ignorant to even visit. But that's another story. And having them to accept someone new (either a mom/dad) is indeed their worst nightmare. Unless, they were still small when you both got separated/divorce. Small here is like 6 years old and below.

My daughter, she was so excited knowing that she'll be getting a new dad. Seriously! She was like "Yeay, I'll be telling my friends that I'm special". When asked why, she said she's special just coz she will be having TWO dads! Hahahaha... You wouldn't know what a big ass burden just got off my shoulders hearing that!! Gotta admit i was worried she couldn't accept the new dad. She was okay on the first meet, but was a bit shy and kinda refused to talk to the hubs. But was he a pro with kids!! They got along great.

On my side with his kids, they are just great!! Especially the two youngest ones. I tried so hard trying to get the eldest to talk to me or at least smile at me, but to no avail. I'm like this horrible evil monster. It really breaks my heart, and i know it hurts the hubs too since she refused to talk to him as well most of the time. The worst part when one of the kids had told us that their mom & grandma were giving inputs that they should be hating I and hubs. That their dad is a scum for not loving them and their mom, and I'm the superb*tch for 'stealing' their dad. How much lower can she get? Veeeery low. Those bad input she's giving the kids, they never ends. 

I do hope one day I and hubs get to be with the kids without any hidden drama...and yes, have sleepovers at our crib. I too hope hubs' ex moves on. Get a boyfriend or something and just be us. Learn and understand that they were just not meant for each other. Not anymore. And hopefully, let me be the super stepmom I wished to be. A much slimmer version that the one in the picture. InshaAllah... ~XOXOX~