Friday, 28 October 2011

Trip To The Zoo...

It's that time of the year again. One of my daughter's compulsory yearly event, is a trip to Malaysia's National Zoo. She's a fan of animals. Well, sorta since I honestly think that there are not many hot spot (with the 'presence' of animals) for kids in Kuala Lumpur.

Though we're here every year, it still amazes me on how my daughter acts and responds to the animals & its surroundings at different ages. How she sees things differently which clearly shows the development of a child's brain and maturity. It's just that now that she's older, I've to bare the irritating complaints from her; sun's too hot, she sweats too much, her legs are wobbly cause she had to walk for so long, bla bla bla. *sigh* The best question this year was "Mommy, why don't they have a walkalator here just like in airports?"...LOL!! ~XOXOX~

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Whose Wedding Is This?!...

Picture courtesy of Pink Cake Box

How big would a bride (or a groom) really want their wedding to be? What would they want at the wedding? In this matter, WHAT WOULD I WANT for MY wedding?

I hear sinister remarks on planning and/or sometimes during the prep of weddings especially if it ain't the first for either bride or groom. Sadly, those hurtful words are always from your own relatives! All I can say is, to hell with them! I mean, they say weddings shouldn't be a huge of a celebration. They say why waste money when you already once had a fairy tale wedding. They too say why trouble yourself doing hundreds if not thousands of crazy tiny detailing (from the walkway and aisle, to the place cards and the favours for your guests)! While I say, every new beginning is a celebration. I say, that previous so-called fairy tale wedding I had years ago wasn't with the man I'm in love with now. I say, it's my bloody penny. Plus I say, those head-cracking detailed prep will definitely be our smile of joy as bride and groom on OUR wedding day.

So I made a conclusion that your wedding is YOUR wedding! Follow YOUR heart (if not your budget). Follow/do what YOU want (let it be splurge on the dress or the ring, or even better, splurge on BOTH). Make us and our significant other-half, THE happiest and most satisfied soon-to-be bride or groom around! ~XOXOX~