Saturday, 25 July 2009


Well, this post was long overdue... Sorry. Been busy off late with work and traveling. So here are some pics of my 26th birthday dinner we had in Halia, Bukit Kiara. Honestly, that place has a lot to work on!! Honestly, I feel old. Like, really ooollldddd.... Nevertheless, alhamdulillah I survived another challenging year. Thanks to those close at heart. .Mommy, Dad, Hubby, and Darling princess. Well for the rest, you know who you are. Love you loads!!! ~XOXOX~

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Efa's 27th Year Of Life...

DeCo & GoOdiEs bY MiSs J!!

WiTh tHe MiSs oRgaNiZeR HeRseLf!! =)

tHe GiRLs
BeFoRe tHe PaRtY sTaRteD...

BiRtHdaY CaKe bY MiSs J
(& iMpiAnA HoTeL!!) HaHaHa...

bLoW 'eM CaNdLeS tOgEtHeR, BaBeS!!

tHe BiRtHDaY MaMa..

We had a private dinner cum party at Carlos' Canteena in Pavilion, KL last night. Since all of us friends were so occupied with our things (ehem..ehem..with work I might say), our girl Jihan made all the trouble preparing stuff herself to make the party a reality!! Thanks Yayan..(Honestly, there wont even be a dinner if it wasn't for your effort!) =) She made the personalized place-cards for all of us (no wonder we had to rsvp so damn early!!), she made the goodies for us, the deco (from baloons to the itsy bitsy tiny sequins on the table!!).. All I can say is..."SUPERB JOB, DARLING JIHAN!!!". To my dearest Efa, Happy 27th Birthday, and may you be blessed with happiness around... ~XOXOX~

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Zoo & Lunch...

Zoo!! Zoo!! Zoo!! =) The lil' princess was all so excited. Due to our many planned trips throughout the year, I and hubby couldn't take Putri to any other exciting zoo like the Singapore Zoo, or the San Diego Zoo.. So, Putri had to settle with Zoo Negara (The National Zoo) in Kuala Lumpur.

Well, honestly, the zoo is in a much, much, much better condition than two years ago!! Lesser smell for sure, fatter animals, and..eerrrr...eerrr... I really don't know what is there more to praise. For the negativity, I'll let you guys decide for yourself when you're there!!

So anyways, after a sweaty trip there, we all had our tummies filled with the fajitas, NY strip steak, and the nachos in Hard Rock Cafe!! THAT, was the icing of the day... ~XOXOX~