Thursday, 29 January 2009

Batavia In The Making...

pRoVeN!! i'M tHe fLyiNg aNgeL!!

mE So KetOtS!!

fRoNt oF tHe sOoN-tO-Be

MiSs PubLiCiSt & SiS CEO!!!

Went to visit my sister's upcoming indo-fusion restaurant @ Ritz Perdana in Damansara Perdana. Hopefully it'll all work out well for her. Sorry I haven't been around to help you with things, sis. I promise, I'll do my job good as The Publicist!! long as Miss CEO tak tengking, dah la...Keep our fingers crossed people. Will keep all of u posted bout BATAVIA!! ~XOXOX~

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Putri & Our Extended Family...

BaBy PutRi WiTh
GrAnDpA NaDZiR & gRaNdMa NaF..

gRaNdMa NaF's 1st pRoJeCt oN BaBy P!!

aLL eXCitEd WiTh tHe HeNNa..
tHaNkS gRaNdMa!!

We now have an extended family =) We have Uncle Nadzir, Auntie Nafisa, Bro Farique, Sis Dina, Ferdy & Fayzal. Baby Putri is so attached to the family that she (and mommy me!!) goes to their house almost every single night!! Sometimes I felt embarrassed when she made their house like it was all HERS!!! *sigh*... Well, she's a bratty after all!! And every time she's there, she refuse to leave. I just hope my new extended family will not get bored with us, cause i love them to bits... (Mom, Dad, this doesn't mean I don't love you guys, okaaay!! Hahahaha....You know you're always at the top!!)... ~XOXOX~

Friday, 9 January 2009


Assalamualaikum... For this post, it's a bit different. It's not about having coffee, going for parties, or nor is it about going for a swim at a hotel. It about the world (literally).. Just a little something for us to think about, and do something about it soon after. So here goes....

Every single morning, I'd have my breakfast at the office. Either feasting to a plate of nasi lemak, a bowl of noodles, or a piece of bread. Just like daddy, a newspaper would accompany me at the table. Lately, I lost my appetite... Why?? Well, I'm sure we've all seen the pictures i uploaded above? How did you feel when you saw them the first time? Sad? Heart-broken? Disgusted by the devilish Israel? That's how I personally felt..or should I say ,I still feel that way..

I'm a mother to a beautiful 3 year-old princess. That's about the age of those kids killed shown in the pictures. You actually don't have to be a mother to feel the pain and sadness. We're all human..The Almighty God gave us a heart to feel, and a brain to judge. But where are the hearts and brains of those Israelis? Are they all zombies? Oh, perhaps they don't even deserve to be called zombies?! What did all the Muslim children ever do to them, or their country?

I used to be a big fan of Starbucks!! Family and friends quote, "Amira would die without her weekend sip of hazelnut latte"! How painfully true was that!! Honestly, I never took it seriously when most people were busy printing lists of (Israel and American) companies and brands to boycott. One person will not make a difference. At least that's what I thought. How shallow was I? How ignorant was I? HOW STUPID WAS I?!!! Thank God, He opened my eyes, opened my heart at just the right time. My last sip of hazelnut latte was on the 4th day of the attack on Gaza. And I'm trying my very best to stop purchasing products of Pro-Israel. At least now I can cry as much as I want after looking at the pictures in the newspapers and be proud of not contributing to the war faced by those innocent children.

For all my Muslim family of Gaza, all I can do is pray hard that all of your misery will end soon. Praying hard that all the donations reaches to you in any way possible. Be strong... For the ever evil Israel, may you rot in hell!! ALLAHHUAKBAR!! ~XOXOX~

Thursday, 1 January 2009

A New Beginning... Welcome 2009...

Happy New Year to all. May you have a good start on the ever challenging days to come. Pictures taken at Leen's for the family New Year Eve party!! ~XOXOX~