Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Much Awaited BlackBerry 9900...

Well, finally got my BlackBerry 9900 a.k.a Bold 4 (given by hubs as a birthday present). Before BlackBerry came into my life, I've always been oh-so-loyal to my iPhone 3G (which obviously does not exist anymore at any Apple outlet!). Remembering my first Berry, twas the BlackBerry 9780 a.k.a Bold 2, (also a gift, but from a dear friend). Everyone was so puzzled on why I wanted a Berry so much, though I knew I had only one reason. Which, was the BBM Application!! My God, the fact that I can send anything and everything (somewhat works like a bluetooth and a chatroom at the same time) everywhere I go and without any extra chargers, beats it all! Okay okaaayy, I lied (bout the reason, I mean)! *lol* The honest truth is...I saw Warrick Brown (real name Gary Dourdan) used a Berry in a few episodes of CSI Las Vegas. I am head-over-heels for him!! He's like THE hottest African-American actor I've ever known (well, aside from Taye Diggs & Shemar Moore that is)!! Oh hubs, if you're reading this...you're STILL & WILL ALWAYS be my numero uno (*lol* with a serious face)!! So yeah...thank you so much to my sweetheart for the awesome birthday gift. Now I'll be carrying you everywhere I go, baby...literally!! *smiles*

Oh, apart from the phone, I also got a set of princess-cut diamond stud earrings from my darling pet-sister; Suzyra. And it's definitely one of my favourite studs now!! ~XOXOX~