Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Alhamdulillah for having to live another year.. And this year, 'usual' shall be the word I'd use to translate my birthday. As anyone would've felt all excited, over-joyed etc... I on the other hand, felt it was just like every other day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Happy, yes...but not excited.

But those 'usual' feelings changed when hubster asked me out for our usual lunch near the office. Waited and waited, and just as I looked over my shoulder...there he was. With a pretty big bouquet in one hand, and a cake in the other!! Okay okay, I'll admit that my jaw literally dropped...and I couldn't stop laughing. Couldn't stop laughing for the way he tricked me!! Knowing how strict his office is, it's ridiculous that he could find time to be out for even 5 minutes! *lol* He was only like a few minutes late than the usual, yet there he was standing in front of me with my surprises.

The yummyness Red Velvet cake from Whisk, and that pretty bouquet from Bloom The Floral Shop, you can get it all at Empire Shopping Gallery. Thank you so much to my sweetheart Rozailan for making it very, very special, and ended the day with a mouthful dinner at Chili's!! A very simple, but sweet 1st time birthday celebration with my hubs that I'll always remember. And as I've always said it; A year older, but non the wiser!! ~XOXOX~