Friday, 26 December 2008

Swimming + Fun = Sick...

I decided to bring the lil' princess for a night stay at Sheraton Subang. I was pretty tied up with work and couldn't plan any trip elsewhere (out of Kuala Lumpur that is). My babysitter was telling me how every single day Putri would tell her that I was going to bring her for a swim at a hotel. Hhmmm, yes, I got the hint!! =) The day we checked-in, Putri got a cold. Her nose was pinky and then came the fever. I didn't want to spoil her excited-ness, so i 'drug' her with paracetamol and some cough (& flu) mixture. She slept like sleeping beauty after I promised her we would go down to the pool at 5am. Hours later, she woke up, swim, swim, swim, and got ready for dinner with my parents. It was during dinner that she started to become cranky, Her body temperature was rising, and so I and hubby brought her to SJMC. When a baby's body temperature rise up to a certain degrees, the baby has got to be bathe. So, as u can see, it was a pity sight. At the end of the day, Putri went back home with grandma and grandpa, while mom and dad stayed at the hotel and stuffing ourselves with anything we see nice in the room-dining menu =) ~XOXOX~

Sunday, 21 December 2008

KaRaoKe ala DoRa..

It's been so long since the last time that I and my hubby spent time together...and baby Putri of course!! Usually, there will always be a plan or something, and when the time comes, we had to cancel it. Either hubby has some appointments (job related), or, I'll have my appointments (which I prefer that you wouldn't ask)! Anyways, last Saturday, we decided to the was already 7pm by then. We think about what are Putri's obsession lately...and voila!! She loves to sing! So we headed to the Red Box Karaoke at Sunway Pyramid. It was indeed, an excellent idea!! The moment we got the microphones, Putri made it clear, that one of 'em is hers, and shall not be taken from her at any cause!! daughter was hot!! She definitely 'sang' Umbrella by Rihanna..Ketahuan by Matta Band..and when there was silence, she sang her own verse (where usually there's always the word 'cinta', 'uuuhhhh', and will end it by saying "best tak, mommy?")!! =) Well, that says it all, there will always be a next time for a karaoke session with Dora The Explorer!! ~XOXOX~

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Amy Edward-Cullen...

I'm 100% sure that you girls (including MYSELF!) fell inluv with Edward Cullen..whom is older than our grandfathers, so to speak. He is all and the only think we need in a man (and since we watched it, I don't have to say aloud bout the great criteria he's got)!! Since the day I left the cinema, I still can't accept the fact that Vampire Boyfriends DO NOT exist =( sad, huh? But that didn't stop me from 'berangan-ing' all night long. Even argued with that particular 'someone' that I should be THE vampire...simply cause I'm OLDER than he is...Heh!! Whatever, I'm so gonna get the original dvd for ME(!!)..for MY(!!) personal I(!!)can berangan more and more and more... ~XOXOX~

Saturday, 13 December 2008

She's A Mrs. Now...

One of my pal from primary school got married last friday...Sharizatul Nazira. Warmest congrats to her and hubby Faizal @ Faiz. It was a decent wedding dinner at the Civic Centre in PJ. Though we girlfriends try to make 'the gangs' wedding a must-attend affair, unfortunately some of us still couldn't make it =) but I'm sure they wished they'd been there. Anyways, my babe looked stunning in the striking blue outfit (dah la muka macam anak mat salleh)!! One thing though, she didn't smile when she was walking towards the 'altar'..when I asked why, she simply replied with a giggle.."Mak kita dah pesan tau..naik pelamin, jangan nak gedik-gedik!! Ingat!!"... Hahahahaa.. I guess she was too nervous, she got confused with 'jangan tak senyum' instead of 'jangan gedik'. Anyways Ira, congrats again... ~XOXOX~

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Riddle From My Plot-Maker...

That night was like
a fairytale

having a gorgeous partner
and wonderful dinner..

we warmed ourselves
when we had to shiver..

and let us tumble
in a whole world of wonder..


your life plot-maker,
your riddler..

Surprise Wally...

Midnight Surprise..

The First Wally

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Stressful Hair Day...

Bad...Bad...Bad hair day!!! Got into trouble with the Goldilocks hair...was so stressed with the stupido hairdresser, that I cried!! LAME..I know. So anyways, met up with Fifi and Jihan at Bangsar for the usual coffee-coffee, and was begging them to drag me to a saloon and get my crown fixed!! Heheheheee.. =) A Cut Above got it all fixed!! But I got 'ditched' by the girls for Zara. Cheh!! =) Then as usual, window shopping. By the way, the black dress that Jihan tried, is so lawa. Unfortunately, I and Fi, takde size!! Kweng...Kweng...Kweng... ~XOXOX~

Saturday, 6 December 2008


Went to support Dina for the Muzik-Muzik ballad category nominations at Sri Pentas 2. She sung gracefully though she was having a rather bad flu & cold few days before, and on that day itself. Her dress was all simple yet elegant...(I dont have her picture here as it's in Ferdy's cam!)... Later after the show, we went to have supper at this Arab restaurant at Fortuna KL (or is it Fortune? WTH..). That's when the camera starts focusing on me! Here are some of my fav pics...candid and non. Sorry that I forced you to use the flash!! =) But above all, thank you for making me feel pretty... ~XOXOX~

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Cheongsam From Aunty Fifi...

Rabbit-tooth-smile Pose!

Cranky!!! Bedtime...

Putri's Aunty Fifi bought this pretty Cheongsam for her... Both girls were excited! Hhmmm, am still thinking on when should I put this on her since I'm afraid that she'll grow fast and not gonna fit in by Chinese New Year 2009 cause even now, it's ngam-ngam already! Heheheheeee.. Anyways, thanks Fi!! ~XOXOX~

Monday, 1 December 2008

Lawa-Lawa But To Nowhere....

The bag I fell inluv with..

I sangat laptop is being an ass! Suddenly can't upload pictures on Facebook. But it's okaaayy...tu la gunanya ada B-L-O-G!! hehehehe... Anyways, few nights back (on November 28th to be precise)...I, Fifi, Amy and Leed, went supper in Hartamas. It was raining heavily. Still, we remain to be CAMWHORES!! But am not gonna talk bout being CAMWH*RES..I just wanna say, Leed, i luv your bag!! And thanks cause bagi I posing-posing!! =D ~XOXOX~

Sunday, 30 November 2008

A Morning Stroll @ Lake Gardens, KL...

Who's at the other end
of the see-saw?..

...It's Mommy!!

Yummy plain water!!

Too tired to even sit already!!

Mommy's nice shot =)

Lets head home, baby..
Hey, is that Mommy's shades?

Jogging she says... Fine. So I bought her a new pair of Nike's Little Starwood Jane trainers for our morning stroll. It's her first trip to the Lake Gardens of Kuala Lumpur. What a great sunny morning was yesterday. Had our breakfast there at the playground. I and her dad took turns eating though, just to watch her on the slides and hanging-bridge. We were all bathe in sweats, and when the sun was right on our heads, that's it!! Back to home sweet home... ~XOXOX~

Putri's 1st Theater...

Excited Miss Zebra..

Mommy's Little Angel..

The Costume Was Unbelievably
Exciting For a Year 2 Student..

Cricket, Ant & Chicky..

On the way home..

Went to watch Bila Zoo Ditutup yesterday. A theater show by the Year 2 students of Aswara. I didn't expect much of it, but was hoping my little princess would have fun. She was scared of all the 'animals' outside the hall, too scared to even lay eyes on them and so I had to carry her with my killer heels all the way in!! =) She was excited when the music is played with all the characters singing..Hop on her toes from the seat, and started dancing. She was having her time!! It was also an educating show for her, recognizing which is the monkey, tiger, lion, etc. Anyhow, thanks to my sister Sabrina for taging along, and thanks to Ferdy for inviting and for the tickets of course.. More shows to attend, hopefully!! ~XOXOX~


Usual Sunday brunch with Fifi..

With Aunty Lell @ Gado-Gado Kartika,
Jakarta..June 2007

Azmina, Farzana & My Princess
@ Aunt Lell's in Pondok Indah, Jakarta.
June 2007...

Having breakfast with Fifi..(Brunch actually!)..and I was begging her to go on a beachy holiday with me. Bali perhaps? Or a spa holiday in Jakarta? Hhmmm, NOT! She's going to Padang to find a cook for her restaurant! Sigh.. Talking bout Indonesia, I'm so missing Aunty Lell and her family; Uworkaholic Uncle Jeff, Cousin Zafri (whom is in his high school-find-a-gf term), Farzana Far (whom is still confused if she should be a girly girl or a tomboy), Azmina (the no-skirts-please sweet girl), and of course, lil' Irfan (the boy you can rasuah with a mini toy figurine if you don't want him to tag along your shopping trips)!! There...I miss them all. Planning to visit them soon in January or February, before hubby goes for his corneae transplant... But that's just a plan. But still Fi, I'm still hoping for a trip with you.. (I sound so..eerrr...lesbian!! Hahahaha).. ~XOXOX~

Saturday, 22 November 2008

2nd Trip To Maximum Impact!!

The Ladies...Fifi & Efa..

Dynas' PA...Itcha..

The Pioneer...

Cutey Adeep!! Fabulous Cats..

Boojae..Floor Fever!

Babe...My Babe..

Dearest Dyns...

Darling Dina...

Abone...After 7 Years...