Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Husband-to-be @Rozailan 

Ex-Bowling mate & National Bowler @ZandraAziela


THE Film Man @Feris_Othman

It was a blast!!! Great job by the committee (Pronounced as October-Tweet-Fest) is a meet up for people connected through the social media channel; Twitter. It was the first Twtup (pronounced as tweet-up) in Malaysia, but it set a new world record for The Most Twtup with 2,615 people!! The best part of 'em all is that this Twtup will now be held annually!! So go get your very own unique Tweethandle on Twitter now and not miss the 2012 Twtup. We too, might finally meet on Twitterville or at any of the Twtup events. ~XOXOX~