Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Dress, The Shoes & The Rings...

It's four days till the BIG day!! Thanks to all my daydreaming, the prep isn't at all a stressful matter. My head truly acts as a hard disk for all the important details...THE dais, THE hantaran (wedding gifts), THE dress, THE shoes, THE bridal bouquet, and of course THE ring!! The most important thing to a bride is definitely her dress. In my case, I was being so fickle minded on choosing a designer for my outfit to be worn on the solemnisation night. Well, I and the fiancé have decided that there will only be one reception for our wedding. Which is, the solemnisation ceremony. We plan on having a very small, decent, yet memorable ceremony. Nothing will be OTT except for my dress! Hahaaa...joking! So here's the list...

THE Shoes & THE Dress (His & Hers)

THE Make-Up 

The Hair

THE Rings 

THE Bridal Bouquet

THE Dais

Sorry there ain't much pics this time, folks. Pretty tied up to compile on pics!! But I promise you, I shall upload great ones soon!!! ~XOXOX~

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